MIDWEST 2020 in 2 minutes!!!

Get engaged, and join us for the “making of” MIDWEST 2020.

Why:  “MIDWEST 2020: TASTE  IT, MAKE  IT !” ????

Mid-West-Flanders holds more than enough cards up its sleeve to promote its traditional values in a (more) positive and, above all, attractive way. The strong agro-food sector (‘taste it’) represents a great starting point, alongside other high-performing regional sectors such as the plastics sector and the construction sector. Together with governments, organizations, companies and inhabitants, RESOC/SERR works on the creation of a more ‘tasty’ regional marketing strategy (‘make it’).

Recently, ‘MIDWEST 2020’- the new socio-economic Regional Pact of the region Mid-West-Flanders was officially endorsed by the social partners (employers and employees associations), by the Province of West-Flanders and by 15 local authorities of the region of Mid-West-Flanders, for the period 2013-2018. The Pact constitutes and describes the essence of a limited number of economic priorities, which will be the focus of multiple new and innovative socio-economic initiatives for the coming years.

An intensified cooperation, through the development and  set up of new projects, between people and organizations, on the socio-economic topics of ‘Working, Living and Entrepreneurship’  will bring new energy, trust and enthusiasm to the region of Mid West Flanders.