Food@Work Live

On October 23rd and 25th 2014, the first Food@Work Live event was organized  in the Flanders House of food. Food@Work Live puts the agro food sector in the picture for both students and jobseekers.

Fourteen food companies presented themselves, alongside employment offices and some training ‘umbrella’ organizations presented themselves to a student audience, on  October 23rd, 2014. More than 300 students from 14 different West- and East-Flemish high schools  participated in twelve workshops, interactive on the spot tests and exercises and even underwent some real life  job application trainings. The aim was to attract young people’s attention for the vast possibilities of training courses and career choices in the agro food industry.

On October 25th,  actual job seekers were hands on introduced to the sector. These introductions constituted effective future perspectives, since,during the job fair, no less than one hundred vacancies were on offer.

Food@Work Live will be organized again on October 20th 2015. After the first 2014 edition, schools, companies and jobseekers were very enthusiastic, so the set up and program will be enlarged and deepened for this second edition.


Food@Work Live was a joint initiative of RESOC/SERR Mid-West-Flanders, Fabriek van de Toekomst Voeding (Factory for the Future),the Flanders’ House of Food and many other partners (VDAB, POM West-Flanders, IPV, RTC West-Flanders, Academy for the Future, Unizo and VOKA, several companies).