Mid  September 2014, the Erasmus+ “IBrave”- project (Improvement of Branding for Rural Areas through Vocational Education) was officially approved. RESOC Mid-West-Flanders/Midwest Development, together with several other European partners, started up this project by the end of 2014.

Motivation: Many (mainly small and medium sized) municipalities in Europe suffer from a lack of knowledge/methodology with regard to the clear and accurate  definition of their own economic profile and also  struggle with the development and implementation of  a correct and positive way of marketing their strengths and challenging their weaknesses.

The participating IBrave municipalities in Spain (Ceuti), Sweden (Tranemo), Denmark (Lemvig)and Belgium/Flanders (15 authorities within the region of Mid West Flanders, including the cities of Roeselare, Izegem and Tielt) joined hands , in order to exchange expertise, experiences and good practices. They  all have a fairly similar socio-economic profile  (often a rather industrial environment, cities that are rather small in size and often quite close to bigger cities (which increases the danger of  brain drain), and, in marketing terms, a sometimes rather vaguely expressed or promoted economic profile,…). Through the implementation of the IBrave project, the partners want to assist the local (and regional/national) authorities in developing a higher and more effective/professional  way of making themselves and their companies more attractive to inhabitants, newcomers and visitors.

They want to create a ‘toolbox’ which will allow the participating authorities to clearly analyze their own situation (SWOT)and to develop a logical, honest and future oriented, attractive marketing plan for the city or the region, based on actual strengths. Ideally the cities will be able to present themselves as a great place to work in, live in and recreate in.
The goal of IBrave is to provide the participating local governments with this user-friendly set of tools, in order to be able to independently develop and refine, a sustainable and effective local branding policy, always in accordance with the regional, national and European strategic priorities.

RESOC Mid-West-Flanders is one of the active partners within the project and will be organizing the third of four project-IBrave seminars, in november 2015.  The goal of the seminar will be to promote interaction between Mid West Flemish local authorities and the participating IBrave partner organizations and authorities.

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