Taste 2 Seas

Within the Interreg IVA 2 seas program several projects focused on the theme ‘food’ (Fish and Chips, Mecagr02, 2 Seas Trade and Swap Now).

The Taste 2 Seas cluster capitalizes on the strong bonds between those projects.  By joining forces  the different project results could be better valorized and results could be disseminated to a much broader  network.

The elements of TASTE and DURABILITY represent the leitmotif within this cluster. The cluster wants to improve the taste, the durability and the broad experience of food within the 2 Seas program area.

Phase 1:

Participants from the 2 Seas regions were  invited to a cross-border event that took place in … on….. It was be focusing on the themes of the cluster and included the following activities and actions:
  • Lectures on food trends, food safety, R&D, waste and other related topics.
  • Interactive workshops presenting a variety of food related topics.
  • A poster exhibition covering a variety of subjects, such as the making of food.
  • An innovative Food Market with stalls promoting local foods, trendy foods , explaining different tastes, and much more.
Phase 2:

The two main activities in Phase 2 were aimed at making the results of the cluster activities available to other players in the industry. It involved:
  • The development of a database/digital platform, thus making  it easier for companies to access information on a specific food related  topic.
  • The development of a number of food-related case studies or pilot projects. The goal was to encourage wider and more collaboration between companies and research centers or universities, by creating food clusters working across regional and national  borders.