Time 4 your talent

The recent economic crisis has hit hard, as can be seen in the (growing) unemployment rates.  The region of Mid West Flanders is still one of the best performing regions, although we can also detect a growing number of unemployed young people and 50+ unemployed.  There seems to be a constant mismatch on the Flemish labor market, between the open vacancies on the one hand and the Flemish (older or non qualified ) job seekers on the other hand: The profiles that the employers seek do not seem to match the profiles that job seekers have, or think they have.  Employers first and foremost look at past working experience  and degrees, but often seem to forget that people also have (often well hidden) talents and competences. With the right approach, these talents and competences can be better developed and put to use on the labourmarket.

Time 4 your talent is a try out project that wants to develop a system that will map and validate the talents of 50+ employees. These ‘older’ workers are capable of much more than most people often think. Time for your talent works in different ways:
  1. Try out of the ‘Talentscan’: This scan detects which talents the employee has, including those talents that need to be further professionally developed  or are not used yet in the right way, within the organization. It’s all about defining the talents that employees over fifty want to use themselves, within a work related atmosphere.
  2. ‘Talentpool’:  All talent profiles, based on the talentscan, will be gathered  in a pool of talents. From that pool  the right talents can then picked up, that can be used and/or further developed within the companies.
  3. ‘Talentprojects’: These are small ‘experience based’ projects which are limited in time, and that require certain talents. Once  the desired talents for a particular project have been detected, the right profiles can taken out of the ‘talent’pool. This way, more motivated employees can put their talents to better use, in these projects and will be able to better validate their own professional competences.
The Flemish leadpartner ‘Trendhuis’ from Mechelen is coordinating this project, and RESOC Mid-West-Flanders/Midwest Development is co-operating  actively (with among others, RESOC Mechelen )within this project, by activating its own network of companies within the region, as participants.