Regional mission

Building together on a sustainable transformation of the Mid-West-Flanders socio-economic regional model, by strategically focusing on smart specialization and social anchoring.

“building together”

All regional stakeholders, managements, enterprises and inhabitants are invited and encouraged to contribute actively on the realization of the formulated priority socio-economic policy options. A really worn sense of ownership is an absolute condition for the success of this exercise.

“(on) a sustainable transformation of the Mid-West-Flanders socio-economic regional model.”

The region Mid-West-Flanders has been proven to this day that it is a region with vision and content. The economy is holding up well, even in tough times. However, the socio-economic players in the field need to be aware of the large and irreversible geo-economic changes, which will also have their impact at local and regional level.  Mid-West-Flanders, the industrial region in Flanders, is hereby an pre-eminently vulnerable region and will be particularly strong committed on a timely and sustainable renewal and strengthening of its economic (industrial) profile, it wants to secure the prosperity and well-being of its businesses and inhabitants for the future: stimulating innovation on all levels, promoting entrepreneurship and making work of innovative forms of work organization.


A successful strategy asks for focus. Committing randomly holds the danger of wasting resources, human capital and energy. Committing on many aspects leads to a fragmentation of resources, human capital and energy. Thinking strategically means making informed choices and setting a limited number of focus-priorities. Mid-West-Flanders wants to do everything to continue in extending and securing its (economic) strengths for the future. (Open) innovation and renewable entrepreneurship with focus on leading-edge sectors forms the key elements.
“smart specialization”

Future-oriented and sustainable thinking is committing in the development of innovative (multi-sectorial) clusters: an actual, continuous interaction between companies, management, employees and research institutes ensures a stronger innovation-dynamics. A growing connectedness between actors will lead to more mutual trust and a bigger stability in the region. RESOC/SERR can form a breeding ground, a consultation platform where all these actors meet and get to know each other (better).

“social anchoring”

Anchoring and especially change assumes stateliness, also and especially at the inhabitants of the region, including the economic and social disadvantaged in society. The region message needs to be a message where everybody feels comfortable with, and where all regional actors can express their involvement and convert in actual, joint actions. RESOC/SERR, as turntable between local and higher authorities, can initiate and encourage such a movement.