The making of 2020

During the spring of 2013, an extensive and substantiated reference note was written, the so called base note.  This paper includes, besides a very extensive socio-economic analysis (a SWOT, followed by an Orientation Round) as well  as a detailed explanation of the used method, also a list of 36 high ranking, potential socio-economic ‘regional works’, aimed at improving the socio-economic future development of the region of Mid West Flanders.

An intensive discussion of this document, within the vast stakeholdersgroup of RESOC/SERR, involving local and provincial authorities, as well as employees and employers associations, finally led to the more precise and narrowed down formulation of 12 Priority Works for the period 2013-2018. This listing constitutes the first framework and the basis of reference,  to evaluate the necessity and the effectiveness of future regional and local socio-economic initiatives, for and within the region. They all refer to 3 main topics: Work (improving the match on the labour market between offer and demand, including the promotion of activating disadvantaged groups, Living (creating a pleasant, safe and sound living environment, e.g. issues of mobi lity)& Entrepreneurship (promoting (SME) innovation and new forms of entrepreneurship).

The overall aim of this process is to create a sound, broad felt, (economic founded)  common feeling of ‘well-being’, where every authority, every company, every organization and every inhabitant can find or develop  his or her own story, through work, life and entrepreneurship.

The tripartite consultation platform RESOC/SERR Mid-West-Flanders (constituted of representatives of local & provincial authorities and employers – and employees-associations) offers this region a unique and regionally committed partnership. It is a true’ forum’ for these partners to continuously work together on common socio-economic themes. The approved Regional Pact MIDWEST 2020 therefore, is  not/never  a mere ending point or result, but indeed an excellent starting point for the realization of sustainable strategy -refinement and improved regional cooperation and thus growth.

Important additional reflection  is the fact that the regional pact, although formulating a number of clear priorities, at the same time also provides sufficient space to adapt, refocus and respond adequately, fast and flexible to suddenly changing situations. RESOC/SERR Mid-West-Flanders, for the next years, aims to provide policy makers, entrepreneurs and inhabitants with the most efficient tools to ensure sustained prosperity. It aims to facilitate a constant exchange of thoughts on daily community & socio-economic challenges, in a globalized world, as seen from a regional perspective.